TO MENU

        Yafo is my second favorite city in Israel, Jerusalem being my first favorite (hands down). However, Yafo has always had its own magic to me. It’s an ancient port city that sits right on the Mediterranean Sea and is apparently the port Jonah set off from in the whole Jonah and the Whale deal. The board walk from Tel Aviv leads right to up to Yafo, making it easy to come across and these days, it has a flea market I always like to rummage through (even though I rarely find anything), and a pile of hip cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. There is good energy there, nice people watching, and windy narrow streets that lead to beautiful little spots, corners and buildings. The old city of Yafo is small, walkable and now filled with artist studios which are often open for visitors during the day. I like to think that Yafo is actually the perfect mix of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, visually and energetically and is kind of an ideal place to spend a day and wander.


        ((all 35mm film shot with a Yashica T4 point & shoot))