TO MENU


        I’m sure you have heard many times already, that your day is going to go by so incredibly fast. And honestly, it is very true. And after my own wedding, and being a part of so many other weddings I started to feel that there was a really essential moment of the day missing. A moment to just stop, and take a deep breath with your closest people. A moment to be vulnerable instead of stressed or occupied with the schedule and to appreciate all the people who have been a part of getting you to that day. A moment for everyone to say, “hey, I really love you”.

        It took me a bit of time to really understand how to manifest what I was envisioning for my couples; how to get their dads, or moms, siblings or best friends to share a bit of deep love for them or words that usually go unshared – because if not on your wedding day, then when? And so, here I am, with what I very uncreatively call ‘Toast Time’. Logistically speaking, this requires nothing extra from my couples besides setting aside a bit of time. I organize the rest. Below you will find some of my favorite photographs of these some moments…


        Devin & Louis



        Kristin & Cameron



        Avery & Kerry





        Megan & Ben