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        Alright, so on a whim with a dash of procrastination, I’ve put together a little pile of some of my favorite podcasts…

        If you don’t know already, I have some nerd-ish interests and love to learn, slightly obsessively, but also like….entertain me, you know what I mean?

        I love some dry humor, sarcasm and lean towards fanciful topics such as aliens, tech taking over, Bigfoot (see below), or the general bizarreness of life, BUT…if not that direction, then I go for the real heart wrenching ones that literally make me cry and feel a whole lot…so just keep that in mind if you are actually considering putting effort into listening to these…WHICH YOU SHOULD…

        I will personally vouch for this list of podcasts (but if you would like to file a complaint you can do so in the comments below). They are podcasts that I have been so disappointed to finish because I would like them to go on forever. They are also all podcasts that are NOT mentioned in any ‘top podcast’ lists as far as I have seen, so this is me doing my god given duty of tirelessly telling people to go listen to them….

        SOO, if you are a curious, nerdy, bored, heartfelt or laid back person, I guarantee you there is something for you here…..



        WILD THING

        I’m going to be honest…I now kind of, almost, might definitely believe in Bigfoot, and listening to this is what convinced me. So, I don’t really think I need to say anymore….the first episode ‘Grover’ is below…




        HOW TO BE A GIRL

        I think How To Be A Girl might be one of my hands down, all time favorite podcasts ever. It’s one of the heart wrenching ones, and one that will make every person who listens to it a better person. The episodes are short, emotional and edited so so well. The first episode ‘Mama, I’m a girl’ and second episode ‘Daily Life in the House of Girls’ are below….






        Heavyweight took me two tries to get into. Jonathan Goldstein’s humor and way of narrating can take a bit to get used to, but once you’re hooked you’re hooked. I suppose my description would be that in Heavyweight, Jonathan Goldstein helps people confront and deal with issues…that have been a heavyweight on them? Sounds boring, but it’s actually fantastic, really fantastic. This is one of two podcast on this list that has Ronen’s stamp of approval, although, he does think that the first season was a bit directionless, I, on the other hand, do not remember feeling that way. The episode ‘Rob’ from season 3 is below, in which “Rob remembers breaking his arm as a kid. But the rest of his family says it never happened.”…..






        Nerds alert….this one is a massive handful of information and super dense. Josh Clark does the charted podcast Stuff You Should Know and The End Of The World is his thorough look into humanity’s future. Definitely not for everyone, and takes a decent amount of brain power (at least for me) to listen, but it’s a great one to have around as brain food. The first episode ‘Fermi Paradox’ is below…




        REPLY ALL

        Reply All is probably in my top 3 podcasts of all time. This is the second Ronen approved podcast. But I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that some of  you may not love the humor, but then that’s just a bummer for you. Super casual, funny, intelligent look at topics very loosely related to the internet and the bizarre things that can/do happen because of it. Totally entertaining. One of my favorite episodes ‘Long Distance’ is below (also if you go for this one I recommend to start listening from the beginning, as in, the first episodes they put out. Their newer shows are just slightly different and more serious)…





        Alright, so I went back and forth about putting this one on here because while it is great, it is the one I am least attached to on this list. However, it’s here because after I finished listening to e v e r y episode of Reply All there was a giant gaping hole in my life. Crazy/Genius attempted to fill that hole and didn’t do a terrible job even though it is more information driven and less witty than Reply All. Topics discussed are related to technology and culture. The episode ‘Will we ever stop eating animal meat?’ is below…





        This is not listed last because I love it less, but because I know that a lot of people already listen to it. Terrible, Thanks For Asking is a podcast where Nora Mclnerny and guests talk with honesty and vulnerability about the painful things in life. This is one of those heart wrenching ones, yet Nora actually successfully brings humor to it all in a totally down to earth way. The first episode ‘Sad Nora and Secret Baby’ is below…


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