TO MENU

        Okay, I don’t even know where to start (insert sobbing emoji face). But, here I go…

        I’ve never really felt like taking maternity photographs was for me, visually I just haven’t connected with what I see out there. However, when it came to Nastassia there was no way I was going to have such a huge moment in her life pass by without taking the chance photograph her. Nastassia is one of my oldest best friends, and is probably the person I have photographed the most over time. When we were younger, we used to go on what we would call “photo safaris”, where we would bring a bunch of junk, yes, like actual junk; suitcases, instruments, lampshades (literally cringing while I write this), piles of vintage clothes and old cameras. We would take a short road trip, take photos for hours and then stop at Dairy Queen on our way home. She probably wouldn’t take credit if you asked her, but I believe she is one of the reasons I’m still doing this whole photography thing today. Someday (soon!) I’ll put together a post dedicated to old photos of Nastassia, but in the meantime you get a bunch of photographs of her in all her goddess glory of today.

        It is worth mentioning that she sat in front of my camera for 4 hours, while being very pregnant (obviously) as I methodically experimented with my cameras, settings, and backdrops; asking her to spin or stand up, move over to this corner or that couch. God bless her patience. Thank you Nastassia for being my most favorite person to photograph for all these years, I don’t see that changing any time soon. Your patience and long suffering truly is a miracle. Love you forever.

        So for all you badass women out there, it is thanks to Nastassia that I am now offering nontraditional motherhood sessions!

        Here’s what I think…it is such a fascinating time in your life and body, and I believe it should be captured authentically and originally. My goal is to bring you down to earth, honest and meditative photographs that authentically reflect you, your surroundings and your experience as a mom-to-be, carrying your growing human. I will be approaching these session more experimentally than what is usual seen in traditional maternity shoots and will incorporate a bit of film and polaroid as well.


        I have one last thing to mention…a few weeks before Nastassia and I got together to take these photographs she told me that she’s never felt more comfortable in her body than she does now. I think it shows so much. And now that I am literally crying, I’m going to stop writing and leave you with the photographs…

        I know right?!