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        Iceland Road Trip, 2015

        a favorite place, a favorite camera, a favorite human

        Ronen and I never really had an official honeymoon, so this trip might as well qualify as our honeymoon. This was in 2015, a few months before we got married, and while we were still waiting out our long visa process; him in Israel, me in Minnesota. It was a long year because I bet you could have guessed, visa processes suck (we are soo good at them by now, haha). We managed the year by seeing each other every three months; one visit in Israel, one in Minnesota, and then we conveniently made our third visit in Iceland, pretty much right in the middle our respective countries. I had been itching to go back to Iceland ever since my first trip there in 2007, which was in a way, a totally life changing experience. Needless to say I was incredibly excited to be there with Ronen.

        As for all of these photos… they were all taken with my Yashica T4 Zoom point and shoot (the most wonderful little 35mm camera you could ever dream of having). And I feel like mentioning, that while I was going through these and remembering the trip, I was surprised to notice that there was a lot of places and moments I didn’t photograph. In the past few years, my relationship with traveling and photographing while traveling has definitely changed, mostly because I’ve been trying to be a bit more present in experiences. I’m one of those people very prone to being caught up in viewing my surroundings as photographs thus missing out on the experience. As a result, visually, this is a pretty bare bones summary of our trip, but sometimes that is really all you need.

        And now…for those of you who might end up curious about the route we took, I have included a map of the way we went. We did all of this in about 10 days. If you have a few days in Iceland, it is usually recommended to take Iceland’s Golden Circle, which is pretty close to Reykjavik, but because I had already done that years before we skipped it in lieu of going to a few further places I felt nostalgic about. And yes, we also skipped the Blue Lagoon (it’s not as romantic as all the ads make it look, haha). We started in Reykjavik and went on to Hellnar, then drove through Hofsós and Dalvik to Akureyri and Húsavík (the furthest town we got to). We then drove back toward Reykjavik, making a stop at Þingvellir (a beautiful rift valley where quite literally you can see the earth shifting), and ended back in Reykjavik with a day trip to the southern coast. Aside from the jaw dropping scenery and bizarre energy, some of our favorite moments were simply having breakfast with our Airbnb hosts along the way. Below is more or less the route we took…


        These are some of the only photos of our faces from this trip…so here are our faces…




        and here is our trip….

        We started with driving from Reykjavik to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula…

        Iceland road tripIceland country sideIceland roadtrip Iceland roadtrip


        Hellnar on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula (even though it is quite a drive to get here, this is my favorite place in Iceland)

        snæfellsnes peninsula snæfellsnes peninsulasnæfellsnes peninsulasnæfellsnes peninsula coast snæfellsnes peninsula coastsnæfellsnes peninsula coastsnæfellsnes peninsula coast snæfellsnes peninsula coast



        Snæfellsjökull (The glacier on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula)


        Here is where I get a bit blurry on the order of photos but these were probably all taken driving from Hellnar through Hosfos and Dalvik on our way to Akureyri. A lot of this drive was along coastline and it was incredibly beautiful.

        Iceland roadtripiceland roadtrip iceland roadtrip iceland roadtripiceland roadtrip cafeiceland roadtrip cafeiceland roadtrip


        Akureyri (Akureyri was one of Ronen’s favorite places. I didn’t take very many photos here but it is a beautiful town that sits on a hill right on the water)

        Akureyri house Akureyri house Akureyri house


        Goðafoss Waterfall (very conveniently located right on the way to Húsavík)

        Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland


        Húsavík (this was my second time whale watching in Húsavík, and I was really happy to be reminded of how respectful of the whales and informative the guides are)

        whale watching Husavik whale watching Husavikwhale watching Husavikwhale watching Husavikwhale watching Husavik whale watching Husavik whale watching Husavik whale watching HusavikIceland roadtrip whale watching



        …totally don’t remember where this is…



        Þingvellir/Thingvellir National Park (where the earth is literally splitting)

        thingvellir national park thingvellir national park



        After all of that we returned back to Reykjavik, taking a day trip to the southern coast…

        Iceland roadtripIceland roadtrip