TO MENU

        Becca & Sam’s incredibly beautiful wedding day in Minneapolis…

        These two did an absolutely wonderful job making sure their personalities and preferences were a part of the day and that their family and closest friends were emphasized. Here are a few other things they did that I really liked….

        + Becca & Sam had the restaurant Jefe (which was just a few minute walk from their venue) reserved for lunch and just as a general hang out place. This kept people fed, happy with drinks, and gave their family and friends a really comfortable place to spend the afternoon of the wedding.

        + Becca wrote really sweet notes (I didn’t personally read them, but everyone was crying so I’m just going to assume that they were incredibly sweet) to all of her pals. They were all crying, it was really wonderful 🙂

        + ummm ‘follow the leader’ on the dance floor. I actually teared up (I am not exaggerating) when Justin Bieber came on and they were all dancing in unison. It was beautiful.

        + …last but not least…really fantastic trivial booklets that they made for their guests that were at each dinner table. The questions were about Becca & Sam’s childhood and things they love and are interested in.



        Venue: Grand 1858
        Dress: The White Room
        Flowers: DIY
        Afternoon hang out: JEFE