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        Channing’s motherhood session in her childhood backyard

        Channing’s motherhood session in her childhood backyard

        Motherhood portrait cross eyed ONONA film photographer


        I spent an afternoon with Channing, at her childhood home on a tremendously beautiful sunny day. We took our time, going slow, taking breaks, talking, and I think it’s pretty obvious that she was so completely magical to photograph. I’ve loved approaching motherhood/maternity shoots with more portraiture than being hyper belly focused, and I love that little Alice (who was born in September) will have these photos to look back on and see spectacular her mom was while carrying her.

        A huge thanks to Channing for being so patient with me while I fumbled around with all of my cameras đŸ˜‰

        For fellow film nerds/curious folks….

        The cameras used here are the following…

        + Pentax 645n with Portra 400 film (this was actually my very first time using this camera, as in…I picked it up from the post office that morning)

        + My beloved Hasselblad 500c with Ilford hp5+, one of my backs on this camera has a light leak issue, but honestly I have no complaints about that.

        + SLR670-s from Mint Camera, which is basically an upgraded Polaroid Sx-70. I wish I could tell you which film I used (it was either Polaroid Originals 600 or Polaroid Originals sx-70 film) but I do a terrible job of remembering what type of Polaroid film I put in the camera. I would also like to mention, that this is by far the best color I’ve gotten out of the new Polaroid Originals film. Generally, I’ve had a pretty hard time getting that color punch from it that the old Polaroid 600 film had back in the day, but seeing the results of the pool photographs of Channing gave me hope!