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        I spent approximately 5 minutes googling the tradition of cake cutting so that I could tell you some random facts about it all because I like information and facts…so here we go…. DID YOU KNOW? The cake cutting tradition goes back all the way to Roman times, back then the wedding cake would be broken on the bride’s head to [apparently] bring prosperity. Oh, and the crumbs that fell to the floor you ask? Well, people would be fighting over that so they could also get in on the prosperity as well. There was also some bizarre tradition along the way of sleeping with a piece of wedding cake under your pillow because legend had it, you would then dream of your future partner. And when it comes to the actual cake cutting, it came about because it is symbolical of the first task a couple performs together, and the whole feeding each other a piece is symbolic of providing for one another. Back in the day the cutting and distributing was designated to the woman (insert big ol’ eye roll) and except for the whole ‘it’s the woman’s duty’ thing and for that matter…any other chauvinistic reasoning that I may have not delved in deep enough to find, I have nothing against the wedding cake cutting. Actually, I kind of like it. I usually photograph very down to earth, non traditional weddings, and something about cutting the cake has an odd way of feeling like this relic of a tradition that makes everything feel a bit formal for a moment. However, it is definitely one of those traditional things I see couples pass on most of the time, for a variety of reasons. So…because everyone has been so laid back with it, I’ve been using the moment as a time to pull out my polaroid and do my own take on the dying tradition to see if we can make it a bit more appealing. So here’s a pile of messy polaroids and cakes being cut….