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        I value candid portraits, clever compositions, and put an emphasis on highlighting the unique quirks and nuances of your day, placing my attention on being able to capture the individual spirit of you two and your gathering. I love the grittiness and thoughtfulness that comes with film and the flexibility of digital, so I use both. I believe that each medium is able to capture a moment and place in a unique way and I love the eclectic-ness that using 7 (yes, I said 7) different cameras offer.

        As your photographer, it is the utmost importance to me to know and understand your priorities and vision for your day so that I can be a part of supporting it. I am not interested in imposing traditions or furthering any wedding industry agenda. Your wedding day is a day that you will work very hard to put together, so I say…do it how you want to do it; not how your parents want (sorry parents) or how a stranger’s wedding blog makes it look like it should be. Throw out what doesn’t fit for you, keep what does and feel free to invent what you feel is lacking.

        As you might be able to tell, I am not for everyone. I work best with couples who can’t help but be themselves and have wedding days that reflect that; couples who are more preoccupied with enjoying their day than with a shot list or getting the perfect photo, and those who don’t blink an eye from a little dirt on their dress. I can guarantee you that every couple of mine has told me they have no idea what to do in front of the camera or have claimed they are absolutely unphotogenic.  I promise you, you will be fantastic, and 75% of the time you won’t even notice me. And at the end of the day, I aim to bring you photographs that are a honest and sincere reflection of you, your people and the vision you had for your gathering.


         “If you want truly authentic moments captured, I really believe you need someone who is authentic to capture them, and she is.” -Jessica