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        Using a mixture of film & digital, documentary & fine art, I photograph your day with an authentic, unobtrusive and down to earth approach; focusing on the organic, messy, emotional, and unexpected moments that make your day unique to the two of you. I love a healthy dose of sarcasm, a clever composition, and show up with a bag full of cameras I absolutely adore (7 cameras to be exact). I believe in using multiple mediums of photography to document so that I am able to relay stories in a dynamic way that is reflective of all the small moments, nostalgias and nuances. And the thing is, I know that putting together a wedding is hard work. And unfortunately, the wedding industry doesn’t make it very easy for couples who want a day that really feels like them down to the core. Please believe me when I say, that you can do your wedding however you want, and it is incredibly important to me that I am a supportive part of your unique vision and am able to help emphasis the priorities you two have. I want your photographs to be an honest and sincere reflection of you, your people and your gathering, because a the end of the day, that is what this is all about.

         “If you want truly authentic moments captured, I really believe you need someone who is authentic to capture them, and she is.” -Jessica