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        Bridget & Nathan...

        "Deciding to work with AJ as our photographer was hands down one of the best choices my husband and I made while planning our wedding. AJ is an amazingly talented photographer who prioritizes the experience of the couple and her own impeccable artistic vision waaaay above any kind of cookie-cutter idea of what wedding photography is expected to look like. Her shots are unique; she captures moments of stress, mess, excitement, quiet, and joy. The perspectives and angles she finds are interesting and unexpected, and I'm still not sure what magic she used to be able to photograph close-up and intimate moments while being totally inconspicuous. AJ is also a complete gem to work with; she is experienced, communicative, kind, funny, and professional and we had a blast with her during our engagement and wedding sessions. She made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera: she wrangled our friends and families with ease during staged photographs, and also captured the people and the energy of the day in stunning candid photographs. No one else could have photographed the feelings, the little details, the big spaces, and (most importantly) the people with such care, nuance, and aestheticism. I cannot recommend AJ highly enough."