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        I was incredibly, beyond lucky, that when I started to become interested in photography (and then just kind of obsessed with it), that I had people in my life who happened to posses a seemingly magical amount of patience to sit in front of my lens and be really damn good at it too. I’ve been wanting to do a few Journal posts dedicated to these epic humans and decided to start with the first and original muse, my niece Alexis. She was around a lot when I was growing up because my parents are basically the angels of babysitting and there were kids in our neighborhood her age as well. This past month I dug up some of my favorite photographs of her because she just graduated high school (!!) and is on her way to college in a few months (!!!). This all got me…

        A. …feeling incredibly old, which I actually am not, but the span of these photographs makes me feel really dated
        B. …wondering how a 4 year old had such patience with me (Alexis you are amazing, I am eternally grateful)
        C. …realizing I did a real shit job of taking care of my old Polaroids and rolls of film; a lot of these photos came from uncovered rolls collecting dust and scratches in a box and the Polaroids are layered with tape residue from being on so many walls in so many different places
        D. …just really grateful to have something that I’ve loved doing (photography) forever and for not getting sick of it yet.

        So we’re gonna start here…below you will find a pivotal moment for me (as un-pivotal as it may seem). Taking these photographs is the first memory I have of getting excited about photography. Alexis is probably 3ish in these, I was 14? I believe that the digital copy of this is no more and I really couldn’t tell you how I still have this. But since we’re doing this I figured I’d go all the way back, so…here we are, potentially where it all started…a Brady Bunch style pile of gridded silly faces of Alexis. Not exactly revolutionary, but it was a start.

        After this she just naturally assumed the roll of model for me (and whatever friend might be hanging around for the matter). And that little kid up there is now 18 (which is just plain crazy). It is well worth saying that Alexis turned out to be a completely awesome human (in fact, she was completely awesome the whole time). She is independent, a critical thinker, totally considerate of others around her, always willing to help, and now that I think of it, I’ve literally never seen her in a bad mood or complain about anything. She is observant, accepting, intelligent and truly feels like an old soul.

        And with that…here’s a quick time travel trip through some of my favorite and first Polaroid and film photographs up to this past month…

        …in case you didn’t catch this….