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        ...I've had a pile of cameras in my bag for the past 15 years

        Hey, I’m AJ. A rare bird of a INFJ, Minnesota born, film camera enthusiast and have a relationship with the Sun similar to that of a vampire.
        I fell in love with photography years ago in the darkroom where my introverted high schooler self would spend every minute I could. The combination of the photographic science, space of quietness and the creation of images and aesthetic hooked me. After high school I spent years traveling; train hopping, hitchhiking, traveling overseas and living in Israel. Throughout my travels, photography became a method for me to process my ever changing surroundings of landscape, people, culture, and experiences and those years of photographs I now cherish as a visual journal of such important moments in my life (you can find a small pile of those photographs here).
        After 6 years overseas, I returned to Minnesota and found myself curious, but also totally apprehensive about the idea of photographing weddings. I’m a big fan of weddings, but not a big fan of wedding photography, and was concerned that I would have to leave behind my previous 10 years of aesthetic and best camera friends to fit into an industry already overflowing with predictable imagery and expectations. However, as you can see…we are here, and that is because I have been thrilled finding couples who want 
        something a bit unconventional; each of them completely inspiring with their own energy and dynamics, which allow me to show up to each wedding and be completely inspired.
        My non-ONONA time revolves around my personal photography work, traveling, camping, archiving years of unruly kept piles of film and time with friends and family. However, you can also find me watching The Office with my really fantastic, best human ever, partner for life Ronen (that’s us below) and our cat Lily, that I am very allergic to.